Jitsi Meet on AWS

Host Your own Video Conferencing service with Jitsi’s open source platform.

Jitsi on AWS
About Jitsi Meet:

Per Wikipedia, Jitsi is a free, open-source multiplatform voice (VoIP), video conferencing and instant messaging applications for the web platform, Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. With the growth of WebRTC, the project team focus shifted to the Jitsi Videobridge for allowing web-based multi-party video calling. Soon, they added Jitsi Meet, a full video conferencing application that includes web, Android, and iOS clients.

Jitsi offers a free service on the Web, Android and iOS. You can host Jitsi on your own servers, allowing for secure, private, and low-cost video conferencing for teams and business.

Jitsi Meet AWS Architecture
Jitsi Meet Open Source

The power of Open Source has long been known, but it is now that users and businesses are recognising the empowerment and control it brings along. Not to mention the support available from a community of thousands of developers, working round-the-clock in building and maintaining the product.

Jitsi Self hosted
Self-host on AWS

Gain complete control over your data and connections by hosting it on your on-premise servers or any Cloud provider of choice. AWS particularly makes the installation process very simple, with one-click setup and installation. What's more! The service can be completely customised to meet your brand guidelines to the T!

Jitsi Features

Enjoy a full-featured conferencing suite, with no billing plans or renewals to worry about. Ready access to features like lobby, screen-sharing, recording, whiteboard, live streaming and video sharing, with upto 250 participants.

End-to-End Encryption
End-to-end Encryption

Instantly turn on end-to-end subscription and install free SSL on your host, to secure all data that is being transferred over the network.

"We have been using Jitsi to conduct meetings and virtual classes for our students. Very satisfied with the user experience. I am constantly delighted to see new features being added to the platform (e.g. virtual backgrounds), and the team even upgraded their user interface. So much so, that we cannot imaging using anything else, anymore!"
Jitsi Testimonial 1
Clyde Davis
Higher Education Consultant