Series 1: The Cloud and Open Source

Convenience vs. Compromise.

The cloud allows for unprecedented amount of use cases and deployments. And in a bid to make life simpler, organisations often resort to using the platforms with most hurdle free adoption. In the process, they must trade their critical business data and depend on someone else to manage and secure it.

So the question that arises is, what is more important? Convenience or Compromise? This is a topic we often discuss with IT managers and Business leaders. And more often than not, it just turns out that perceptions about community driven, open source projects is not given priority, either due to lack of awareness, or, lack of enterprise grade support.

Fair point, then. Why do we advocate such software for your business? Well, here are a few reasons that we absolutely love open source software for:

  • They comply with Open Standards and are compatible with tons of 3rd party applications you might wish to integrate with.
  • They allow for lower license fees (FREE most times), in-house customisation and freedom to choose your IT stack or deploy wherever you wish to.
  • Stability, Performance & Security driven and peer-reviewed by a large base of ‘inspectors’ who can quickly detect issues, fix them and release updates.
  • A world of features without having to pay the price of your data.

Case in point, let us introduce the first open source project in this series, that we absolutely love – NextCloud!


A self-hosted online collaboration and data storage platform for teams, that seamlessly integrates with over 2 dozen applications. Here are a few key features:

  • Self-hosted (for absolute control of YOUR data)
  • 100% open source (read free)
  • Military grade security with unique solutions like Video Verification, ML-driven suspicious login detection, extensive multi-factor authentication solutions
  • Integration with existing infrastructure
  • Store, sync & share files on YOUR cloud
  • Automate repetitive tasks and automate business processes
  • Access storage silos like FTP, Network Storage, S3, SharePoint, etc…
  • Edit and Collaborate on Office documents in real-time
  • Audio-Video calling, Web-meetings & Instant Messaging to increase productivity
  • Manage & authenticate users locally or using LDAP/Active Directory, SAML 2.0, Kerberos, etc…
  • Powerful file access controls with multi-layer encryption, ML-based authentication protection
  • Advanced ransomware recovery capabilities
  • Integrate with apps within the NextCloud Appstore

Head to this link to see how NextCloud compares with a host of SaaS based platforms, or check out the demo. Proof of the pudding is in eating it.

Why self-host? Regain control! And that is just one of the many advantages. Self-hosting also allows you to:

  • Protect your IT investment by re-using existing infrastructure
  • Ensure compliance, security and flexibility
  • Know where your data is, who has access and how it is used
  • Facilitate secure collaboration and communication

Sharing or sending around data by email or using public SaaS file sharing solutions does not provide optimum security for your sensitive data. Let alone using consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox or Office 365, that were not designed with privacy regulations and security concerns in mind, mixing data from consumers and businesses, spread out in data centres across the globe.

Nextcloud provides a security-first solution which puts you in control over the location and data access policies with either a private cloud or managed public cloud solution, offered by local and trusted providers like CodeCulture Technologies.

Not sure how to self-host it? CodeCulture Technologies not only helps you choose the cloud provider best suited for your needs and budget (Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, etc…), but also help deploy and manage it on a server that you control.

As for the lack of Enterprise Support, professional services organisations offer round-the-clock support, thereby allowing you to enjoy the many benefits of your own private cloud, worry free!